2023 Programme

Buzzwords meets on the second Sunday of each month (except for August) upstairs at the Exmouth Arms in Bath Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham. Start time 7pm for the workshop or 8pm for the poetry reading. Finish time is 10pm.

Guest poets for 2023

January 8th Frank McMahon

February 12th Stephen Payne

March 12th Adam Horovitz

April 2nd  Kate Noakes

May 14th  Kelvin Corcoran

June 11th Janet Sutherland

July 16th tbc

September 10th Claire Crowther

October 8th Rosie Jackson

November 12th tbc

December 10th tbc





Guest Poets for 2020

January 5th – Julia Deakin

February 2nd  – Jonathan Edwards

March 1st - Michael Bartholomew Biggs and Nancy Mattson

April 5th – Helen Calcutt

May 3rd  - Janet Sutherland

June  14th  – Kate Noakes

July 19th – Sharon Larkin and Belinda Rimmer

September 6th Charles Bennett

October 4th - Duncan Forbes

November 1st – John Greening

December 6th – Nellie Cole and David Keyworth

Guest poets for 2019

January 6th – David Calcutt

February 10th  - Robin Houghton 

March 10th  – Nigel Hutchinson and Lucy Anderson

April 7th - Bob Walton and Elizabeth Parker

May 12th Kate North

June 2nd – Pam Zinnerman Hope

July 14th – Rennie Parker

September 1st  – Martin Figura and Helen Ivory

October 6th – Brenda Read Brown and Rachael Clyne

November 3rd – Alasdair Paterson

December 1st  – Jean Atkin

Guest poets for 2018 

January 7th - Matthew Caley

February 11th  – Roy Marshall

March 4th  - Mario Petrucci

April 8th - Roy Mcfarlane

May 6th  – Jane Commane & Tania Hershman

June 3rd - Susan Richardson

July 15th -   Jennie Farley and David Clarke

September 2nd  - Ross Cogan and Alison Brackenbury

October 7th -  Rebecca Gethin

November 4th  – Graham Burchell

December 2nd - Ann Drysdale

Guest poets for 2017

January  8th - June Hall and Rosie Bailey

February 12th  – Isobel Dixon and Greg Leadbetter

March 5th  – Maggie Butt

April 2nd  - Rosie Jackson and Dawn Gorman  

April 30th  – Jennifer A McGowan 

June  4th - Deborah Alma and James Sheard

July 16th  - Anna Saunders and John Row

September 3rd  - Tania Hershman and Rishi Dastidar

October 1st - Kim Moore

November 5th  - Ben Parker

December 3rd  – Dom Bury

 Guest Poets for 2016

January 3rd  – Josephine Corcoran

February  7th – Claire Crowther

March 6th  – Valerie Laws

April  3rd - Adam Horovitz

May 1st  - Dan Sluman

June 5th  – Jo Bell

July 24th (note not usual time of month)  - Martyn Crucefix and readings from ‘Salt on the Wind’ anthology in tribute to Ruth Stone

September 4th - Graham Burchell

October 2nd  - Cliff Yates and David Clarke

November  6th – Anne-Marie Fyfe

December 4th - Jaqueline Saphra

Guest Poets for 2015

January 4th - Jenny Lewis

February 1st - Bobby Parker

March 1st - John Greening

April 12th - John Gallas

May 3rd - Stephen Boyce

June 7th - Cristina Newton

July 5th - Louise Crossley and Sonia Hendy-Isaac

September 6th - Sue Rose

October 4th - Lesley Ingram

November 1st - Jonathan Edwards and Mike Jenkins

December 6th - Tamar Yoseloff

Guest Poets for 2014

January 5th - Hilda Sheehan

February 2nd - Ros Barber

March 2nd - Peter Daniels

April 6th - Carrie Etter

May 4th - Charles Bennett

June 1st - Kate Fox

July 6th - Anna Saunders and Wendy Klein

September 7th - Peter Wyton

October 5th - Alicia Stubbersfield

November 2nd - Cahal Dallat

December 7th - John Clegg

Guest Poets for 2013

January 6th - Anne-Marie Fyfe

January 27th (instead of February date) - Peter Robinson

March 3rd - Sue Rose

April 7th - Chrissie Gittins

May 5th - Alison Brackenbury

June 2nd - Matthew Stewart

July 7th - David Clarke and Philip Rush

September 1st - Penelope Shuttle

October 6th - Julia Deakin

November 3rd - Bobby Parker

December 1st - David Morley